Walmart in Vestal, NY, needs to improve its management and employee education about New York State public breastfeeding law.

If you’d like to take action on this, you can call Vestal Walmart at 607-798-1011 and ask to speak to Micah Caler (store manager) or the manager on duty. Talking points:

– After a mom ended up nursing in her car after her treatment at Walmart on December 26 and moms responded with a nurse-in on December 28, Vestal store manager Micah Caler emailed an apology on January 2 to all moms affected to the nurse-in organizer and specifically said that they are educating their employees: “In response to this situation, I have provided additional training on our breastfeeding policy to managers, supervisors and associates.”

– On the same day the apology was sent, January 2, a mother was directed to the restroom to nurse.  New York State law protects a mother’s right to nurse, covered or uncovered, in any location, public or private, where other members of the public are allowed to be.

– Despite repeated attempts to find out what Walmart’s breastfeeding policy is, we have uncovered nothing. If you call, can you ask what it is?

– Walmart needs to educate its management and employees beyond what has already been offered. The Public Breastfeeding Network offers this training in New York State law and what that means for businesses for free. Store manager Micah Caler can call 607-748-1395 and speak to Julie to set up training or to receive free educational materials.

Edited to add:
The store manager is currently on vacation for a week. I just spoke with Kim, the manager on duty. She referred me to the home office media relations department. That’s Brooke at 479-372- 2255, or the direct media relations hotline at 800-331-0085.

I (Julie) left my contact number and an offer from the Public Breastfeeding Network for free training. Everyone should still call the local number so the point really gets across, but now we can also call media relations, too.